Medical Grade vs. Over The Counter Skincare Products

People spend a lot of money trying to look their best while they age. It is understandable why they want to look their best because we are all treated differently based on how we look. Unfortunately, there are certain aspects of our looks that we cannot control such as our height, but there are many other things that we can change with great skincare and aesthetic procedures.

“your skincare is customized for your specific skin concerns with a specific goal in mind”

It is undeniable though how much of a drastic change in their appearance a person can make with the right type of skincare, and when it is used properly. When choosing skin care products there are certain dos and don’ts that can impact your skin dramatically. So what’s the difference between medical-grade skincare and what you can buy from a store? or… is it just a way for the industry to make money?

Medical grade skin care products first and foremost go through rigorous testing and have to pass numerous qualifications to be considered a medical product. They are created with the latest technology and are able to adapt to your specific skin concerns. They are more potent because the number of active ingredients in them are the pure form possible, and they contain higher amounts in them. That being said, only Physicians are allowed to purchase medical-grade skincare products. They also have smaller molecular sizes because of their targeted delivery systems.

Over-the-counter, products do not reach your skin where they need to in order to correct any real skin concerns, because they are made to sit on top of the skin. Their molecules are too big to penetrate through the surface of the skin to get to the “underlying” issues. Yes, I did just pun that sorry. They also have such a small trace, if any, of active ingredients in them to be able to address any real skin conditions. 

The FDA closely regulates medical-grade skincare products, and most of these products are marked as pharmaceuticals. By law, they must have 99.9% pure active ingredients in them. Before they can be used by the public, there must be scientific evidence showing that the skin care product is beneficial and that it does what it is advertised to do. What does this mean? For instance, if a medical-grade wrinkle reduction cream made it to the market, there would be multiple studies done proving that it truly reduced wrinkles. This is NOT the case with over the counter products.

When you go into a store and choose your own skincare or have someone choose it for you, you are self-diagnosing what you think the problem with your skin is instead of leaving it to a trained professional. When you are under the care of a physician, your skincare is customized for your specific skin concerns with a specific goal in mind. With the transitions your skin will go through during its path to recovery, you will want and need to have a medical professional educate you on your skin, skincare, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

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